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2009-05-04 17:00:41 by godseth

does any1 have any ideas on any type of song i should make?

new loop

2009-04-16 21:59:44 by godseth

hey guys i made a new loop i didn't post anything at first because i thought it was a dunce but i think it turned out preaty good!

Seth Diaries

2009-04-14 23:34:57 by godseth

I am in a secret underground lab of my own making, hiding from those who want the bounty ony my head. Only opratives: kill anyone on sight...

New Song!

2009-04-14 20:26:13 by godseth

Just a notice: New song out!
It is a new experimental loop that was hastily put together but check it out anyways and see if you like the style.

No reviews?

2009-04-13 16:41:38 by godseth

Awwww no reviews guys? I would like to know what you think very much yet no one seems to listen to my songs.

3 new songs!!!

2009-04-11 19:10:00 by godseth

I am very happy! My new songs finally got posted and id be very pleased if you all would check them out. Oh, and make sure to reveiv fairly and dont 0 bomb
~~Cheers Seth~~

Hey Guyz

2009-04-10 10:56:52 by godseth

*Sigh* Anyways just to keep anybody who reads this posted i do have 3 song that are "getting checked by a moderator" and should be up "shortly". Does anybody have some sort of time frame for how long this should take?
~~Seth out~~


2009-04-10 00:17:58 by godseth

I love how when posting a new comment it says "to keep fans updated"... i dont have any fans :(
But really buy a t-shirt with me on it. Or better yet buy me a t-shirt with me on it :D
Somehow i doubt anyone will acctually read this but i hope to have two (2) songs posted soon... too bad that the fraud scanning takes like three days! So if anyone wants to go fraud check and make it get posted faster that would be very appreciated :3
~~Seth out~~


2009-04-08 22:31:46 by godseth

~~Seth Diaries~~
Just got out of hapkido class i saw a suspicious looking man, make mental note to track down and monitor ~Seth out

im new

2009-04-08 18:35:57 by godseth

im new andi want to inform the world just how crazee i am